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  • David Cassar

    Executive Chef, Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne

    A career in Hospitality is always about being one step ahead and being the best at your craft. We are really impressed with the quality of the students who come to us from Front Cooking School
    To undertake their work based Training component of their course with us and train in real life situations in our hotel kitchens. I find students coming to us from Front Cooking School are well trained, aware of what is required to make the grade in this industry and thrive in a fast paced professional kitchen environment. Their course is up-to-date with current food trends and equipment being used and I am yet to come across a student I wouldn’t hire in the future. The relationship between Front Cooking School and Hotel Grand Chancellor is a great example of a quality training organisation delivering training that meets our needs and helps Australia stay ahead with the next generation of hospitality professionals ready to take control of our prestigious venues.

  • Enkeleida Stefanidhi

    Course: Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery stream)
    Home country: Greece

    To achieve a goal, you need to believe in it. And that’s exactly what happened to us. My team came in the 3rd in the first round of Front Cooking School Top Chef 2017 Competition. So we decided to give it another go! We did training with our mentor Tarin who really believed in us. But we also believed in each other.

    The entire cooking competition was such a great experience that we will never forget. We learned so much about cooking, presentation, flavour and how to work in a team. My daughter came to the second round and I really wanted to make her proud, so when we won first place, my daughter was so happy. My team and I were so happy! One of the best memories!
    Thank you to Front cooking school for having the cooking competition. It’s a good idea to encourage everyone who loves cooking to follow their dreams.

  • Anastasia Tumiwa

    Course: Diploma of Hospitality Management
    Home country: Indonesia

    I have been studying and making new friends here in Front Cooking School for more than a year now. Having the chance to do the Work-based Training through the school was a great “eye-opening” moment of working in the hospitality industry, letting me discover more of my capabilities – things I didn’t know I could do in the first place. I guess it’s also fair to say that cooking is not always just about how to cook, but also understanding how to work as a team with the rest of the kitchen staff. It’s also about communicating with the Front of House. All in all, my studies at Front Cooking School have shaped me into the person I am today. Having learned from the best chefs and trainers, I am forever grateful. Thank you to everyone from Front Cooking School.

  • Arthur Vallelonga

    Head of Hospitality, Front Cooking School

    Hospitality is the backbone of tourism in Australia, and at Front Cooking School we live by the motto that skills and knowledge is the start of having a distinguished career. With trainers from the industry and state-of-art training kitchens, we give you every opportunity to achieve your goal, and our student support staff can also help you by placing you in some of Melbourne's best restaurants and hotels to start your career. Working in the hospitality industry will help you to become a part of the community. As Head of Hospitality, I am always here to answer your questions and keep you heading in the right direction, “hospitality is a choice in the right direction”.

  • Glenn Evans

    Hospitality Coordinator, Front Cooking School

    A career in hospitality offers you opportunities that are challenging, fun, exciting and creative. You may want to be a great chef, a small business owner or a manager in a large Hospitality organisation. Front Cooking school offers you a quality training experience that will set you up for your entire career. Choosing a career in hospitality opens many doors at home or internationally for employment and Front Cooking School has the best industry trainers ready to share their knowledge and skill so that you can fulfill your dreams.

  • Jayden

    Course: Certificate IV – Commercial Cookery
    Home country: Vietnam

    “I received an opportunity to join a kitchen internship program with Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne. I‘ve learnt so much by working closely with the Head Chef and his team during my internship. Now I am working part-time at the Hotel Grand Chancellor as a Larder Chef. I would like to thank Front Cooking School for this opportunity and wonderful experience.”

  • David Cassar

    Job title: Executive Chef
    Company: Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne

    “We are really impressed with the quality of the students who have come to us from Front Cooking School’s Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, to undertake the Workbased Training component of their course with us. They clearly have good trainers and well-thought-out training, which enables the students to be a valuable part of our team. In fact, some of the students have been so good that we offered them part-time work in our kitchens, so they can work in the industry whilst they are studying. We currently have three such students with us. The relationship between Front Cooking School and the Hotel Grand Chancellor is a great example of a quality training organisation delivering training that meet our needs.”